The possibilities are unlimited when thinking of cremation options as opposed to traditional funeral services in funeral homes. Yet there are also cremation options that suit the more traditional. After funeral services are over, the deceased can also be cremated and then buried in an established cemetery plot. The final cost of cremation for a ceremony with this as the choice from the cremation options is more expensive than the other choices, because the departed loved one may still need to undergo the full process before the viewing at the funeral services, and a hearse may be needed for transportation.

Escondido Cremation will never provide a service and charge you for it later, we discuss all options and all costs before we make any final arrangements.

Escondido Cremation has cremations that start at $595. You have the choice of adding a memorial service, a new urn, scattering of the ashes or staying with the direct cremation and arranging your own memorial or gathering of friends and family.

Unfortunately with the additional cremation services, come an increase in the cremation costs, but we can assure you that they will still be thousands of dollars less than having a funeral and casket burial.

Memorial Service

Many families choose to add a memorial service where family and friends can gather after the cremation and honor the departed. If you do not know what type of memorial service you would like to have, Escondido Cremation will have a professional staff member speak with you about the life you wish to commemorate and offer suggestions to give your loved one the unique memorial they deserve from the many cremation options that you can afford.

As a trusted, two decade old cremation provider, you can be assured that Escondido will never try to talk you into extras that you do not need or cannot afford.

Another one of the cremation options for memorials holding a viewing or gathering in a funeral home. Many will rent a viewing room by the hour, and you will have the opportunity to customize the look with pictures and items from your loved ones life, and even have meaningful music playing during the gathering.

We can help with the planning…

Memorials can also be held in a private hall, home or a restaurant. Escondido Cremation will find a place that suits your needs, we will discuss all of the cremation options with you and make all of the necessary arrangements for you.

Saying farewell to a loved one is the beginning of the healing process, and we at Escondido Cremation want you to know that we understand how hard this can be. But we will stand by you every step of the way and we will provide a meaningful service that will help you heal.

Our objective at Escondido Cremation is to provide you with dignified cremation options that are unique to your loved one at affordable cremation costs.